How to Wear Cat Eye Sunglasses

How to Wear Cat Eye Sunglasses

Although they have been around since the 1950s, cat eye sunglasses are making a comeback to the fashion world. Made of stylish frames, these sunglasses are guaranteed to give you a chic look. You can wear them for virtually any occasion, whether it is to work out, on a weekend, to the gym or while running errands in the neighborhood. They are must-have accessories for women who want to look great wherever they go.

If you are concerned about how to wear cat eye sunglasses, you first ought to understand how they look. They usually feature a brow line that points upwards to the temples while appearing upswept. Just about anyone will look great while wearing cat eye sunglasses, given that they can go with just about any outfit. Due to their versatility, cat eye sunglasses will suit just about any face shape. Here is how to wear cat eye sunglasses:

  1. Go with Bolder Colors

The reason you are wearing those cat eye sunglasses is to make a fashion statement. So why don’t you make an effort to stand out of the crowd? If you have a darker skin tone, you should pick sunglasses with metallic or brighter frames. As for the glasses, you can make them bright colored. If fair skinned, dark-colored sunglasses will do the trick.

  1. Shaping Your Face

You can wear cat eye sunglasses to bring out your strongest facial features, especially if you are square-faced. Look for sunglasses with a narrow, delicate frame. To avoid attracting attention to your square facial features, go for round-edged glasses. You can easily give your square face a softer look simply by wearing the right sunglasses.

If you have a round face, pick bold frames with angular lines. The purpose is to give an angular look to your rounded jawlines and facial features.

  1. Cat Eye Sunglasses for a Younger Look

Did you know that cat eye sunglasses can make you look younger? It contours your face upwards and gives you a youngish look without much of an effort. Many are the people who are looking for ways to hide the thin lines under your eyes. Cat eye sunglasses will not just make you look less rugged but fresh too.

Camille Charriere on Instagram  “Not the best blouse for food baby days but hey YOLO  📸   levimandel” Cat eye sunglasses

  1. Pairing With a Casual Outfit

Cat eye sunglasses are must-have accessories for any fashion conscious lady. There are a number of modern casual outfits which you can pair with your sunglasses. If you have a dark pair of sunglasses wear it together with light-colored casual clothes. It makes your shabby appearance look chicer than it deserves.



  1. Chic, Sporty, and Minimal

You are scheduled to go to the gym on a regular basis. Who said you cannot be fashionable while at it? Apart from wearing trendy sportswear, you can up the game using a pair of cat eye sunglasses. Of course, the sportswear will include a sweatshirt, tracksuit, and sneakers. Get that chic look even as you flex your joints and muscles.


Now you know how to wear cat eye sunglasses. Add a little bit of flair to your style using a pair of cat eye sunglasses. Your time at the poolside in the hot summer will never be the same again.

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