Beachwear Mini White Lace Dress

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The white swim cover up is the perfect blend of full chic and flirty. It combines a fabulous longer sleeve with an above the knee skirt that allows you to flaunt your shapely legs, while still leaving something to the imagination.

Open weave lace features decorative detailing throughout, while the cover as a whole combines the peek-a-boo openings with fully covered areas, displayed using a chevron inspired pattern that instantly catches the eye. It's a luxurious way to stay covered on the beach, without detracting from your natural beauty.

This white swim cover up features a flowery shape that's still figure-flattering, and it's made to fit multiple sizes and shapes. Check out the measurements above to ensure a perfect fit.

This stunning white swim cover up is made from polyester, which is highly durable, water resistant, and low maintenance to care for. It won't shrink or become discolored when used in wet or humid areas, and it can easily be thrown in the wash when you're done for the day, removing any sand or chlorine to get it ready for your next outdoor adventure. Slip it over your head for worry-free coverage as soon as you exist the pool, or wear it as a mini-dress along the beach when you don't want to bare all in a swimsuit.

Material: Polyester, Cotten Blend
Pattern Type: Solid

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